How to accept online payments for free

When a customer goes shopping at a regular store, everything is simple: he chooses a product, brings it to the cashier, gives the seller money or a card, gets a check. Sales! With online shopping, the principle is the same, but more options. If you do not want to lose customers at the payment stage, suggest several payment methods for each customer to choose the most suitable one.

We tell you what payment methods are available, what is their convenience for you and customers, and how to set up different payment methods in the store.

Bank card
How does it work
Payment by card on the Internet is similar to payment by card in a regular store. Here’s how it happens:

The buyer chooses payment by card. The store sends it to the page of the payment system and transfers the order amount to it.
The buyer drives in the card number, name and CVV (special security code on the back of the card).
He clicks “Pay”, the money is debited from the card, the buyer automatically returns to the store page, and the payment system informs the store: “Ok, payment accepted.” Money comes to your account on the same day.
Almost everyone has bank cards. Scholarships, salaries, pensions are transferred to the card.
The buyer pays without getting up from the chair.
Money comes immediately.
Some people are still afraid to make an advance payment: what if they give the money, but they don’t receive the goods. Therefore, they pay by card only in stores that they trust.
You need to pay for payment processing – payment systems charge a percentage of each order.
If the goods were not in stock, the money will have to be returned.
How to set up in the Ecvid Store
To start accepting payments from bank cards, you need to take two steps:

Register with the payment system
With some companies need to enter into an agreement, with others – just register on the site. Some work only with IE and LLC, others – with ordinary citizens. Rules and rates are constantly changing. To find out exactly, go to the website of the payment system and see the conditions.
Connect the system to the store.
In order for the store and the payment system to start communicating, they need to be friends.
More than 50 payment systems are connected to Equidu. 16 of them work in Russia. The links – detailed instructions.

Intellect Mani
RFI Bank
Wallet One Single checkout
Tinkoff Payment
To activate any of these payment methods, in the Ecwid control panel, go to the Payment page and click the “Select Payment System” button. You will see a list of all possible ways that you can connect to the Ecwid store.

Connecting payment methods in the Ecwid Store

Everyone has cards.
Card pay if they trust the seller.
For the processing of payments will have to pay.
If you sell in Russia and abroad, payment by card is mast hev.

How does it work
You can pay in cash not only in shops, cafes and garages, but also in online stores. The mechanism is simple:

The buyer chooses a cash payment and places an order.
Cash payment is possible upon delivery by courier. You (or the courier service) contact the customer and make an appointment.
Meet, take the money, give the goods.
Another option is pickup. The client takes the goods from you from the warehouse, pays immediately. The same, if you expose the goods at fairs or open a temporary store .

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Paying cash is psychologically easier. The buyer does not risk anything and willingly places an order.
If you meet with the buyers themselves – save on handling payments (do not pay a commission to the courier service).
Money comes quickly. They gave the order – received payment.
By law, 54-FZ needs a cash desk of a new sample or a POS terminal that can work with the product accounting system. The issuance of a paper check is required, an electronic check is sent only at the request of the buyer by e-mail or phone number.
You should always have cash with you if you need a change.
You can do without a cash register, if you assign delivery and acceptance of payments to the courier service. The courier will deliver the purchase, receive the money and clear the check. The courier service will transfer the money to your account, leaving a commission for processing the payment.

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How to set up in the Ecvid Store
To set up a cash payment, you do not need to register anywhere. Complete 4 steps:

Go to the Ecwid control panel → Payment .
In the item “Offline payment methods” select from the “Cash on receipt” list and click the “+ Add offline payment method” button.
Add offline payment in the Ecwid Store

You can rename the new method, add a note or instruct

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