How to create online payment system in php

The days have long forgotten where you had to run for every little shopping in the store. Gone are the hours of laborious search for the right product, the sore feet after the afternoon walk through the department stores. Today, this does not affect us so much anymore. We grab the laptop or tablet computer, sit down in a cozy cafe, enjoy the fast internet connection (and hope it’s safe) and shop online. If then the moment has come to pay, then so some questions may arise. How do we pay (fastest, easiest and safest)? These questions are absolutely justified. There are now so many payment methods that can be used in particular on the Internet, since sometimes the overview can be lost. The best way to know each payment method thoroughly before you make the online purchase. Also, you should know the difference between the payment method and terms of payment, so we inform you at this point on the top 6 payment methods from the Internet. From experience you know: Many, especially older customers, understand relationships on the Internet or programs very difficult. Thus, a customer does not necessarily understand the closing of a window as a termination of the payment. Therefore, it is recommended to use these functions. Much more important, however, is the HTTP notification. It enables the automation of our process here. Let’s assume that we have a credit account (in euros) that the customer can recharge with us. In the example, we create a record in the database for the customer. For this we pack a few variables that are unique (preferably a hash). To ensure that your customers feel secure when entering sensitive data such as address data and bank account or credit card information , you should ensure that unauthorized third parties can not see these transactions. Secure all transactions that customers make in your shop with a suitable SSL certificate . Your customers will recognize the secure connection at the URL (https instead of http) and the lock icon in the address bar of the browser. This gives your customers a better feeling when they entrust their data when ordering and paying. In your shop, make sure to back up with SSL certificates. How complex is the integration of different payment methods in my shop? In most modular systems for online shops , the common payment methods are already technically integrated . You just choose from different options. No programming knowledge is required for this. Often, you do not even have to install software on your computer. The program that you use to build and manage your shop simply runs on your Internet browser. The most popular payment methods, such as purchase on account, PayPal, direct debit or credit card are already preset. Additional features such as installment payments can usually be purchased additionally.

How to accept debit card payments online

The safest way to pay is to receive an invoice or to issue a direct debit authorization . Here one does not take the risk, none, to receive another than the ordered or a faulty commodity and nevertheless to run after his money. An invoice will only be paid when the goods have arrived. With the direct debit authorization can be objected to the direct debit within eight weeks after burden of the account. The bank then recovers the amount.

However, this is different when paying by bank transfer before goods receipt or payment by credit card . These payment methods mean a reversal of the principle “first the goods, then the money”: If the customer does not like the goods, he must reclaim the payment already made by the entrepreneur, which can be tedious. Therefore, you should, if possible, give preference to the payment by invoice or direct debit. COD shipments minimize the risk, but unfortunately the cash on delivery can not protect against fraud. You can not be sure that the ordered goods are actually in the package.

Internet payment systems
In many online stores, the purchase price may also be via internet payment systems(such as PayPal). This has the advantage that you do not have to submit your account details directly to the online merchant and the payment is executed immediately. However, you must also set up a customer account with the payment services and make sure that no one knows the access data. For other payment systems you can use your usual password for online banking, but you must enter it outside the online portal of your bank. From 13.01.2018, these payment systems will be subject to BaFin Financial Supervision. Your bank can no longer forbid the transfer of your access data to payment systems in the future. However, the use of such payment initiation services provides insights into potentially sensitive account data.

Which means of payment an online merchant accepts in principle, he must specify you at the latest at the beginning of the ordering process on the website. So it is not enough that you only find out in the middle of the ordering process that a payment by invoice is not offered. For example, since a credit check is only possible after entering your personal information in the ordering process, the dealer can make dependent on the outcome of whether it offers the bill purchase in a specific case.

How to collect credit card payments online

For you, the acceptance and the fees of a means of payment on the Internet supposedly only really matter if you can use the means of payment. Depending on the means of payment, there are relevant differences in the credit rating that you should take into account. As you probably know, the credit agency Schufa has a record of almost every German. This data is forwarded, for example, when applying for a credit card to the respective banks. You will be given the opportunity to use some forms of payment so only if your credit rating is certified. Specifically, solvency often plays an important role in opening a checking account or applying for a credit card.

If you have problems with your credit rating, it may happen that you can not bet on your preferred payment method. That’s also because you have to deal with another pitfall. If your credit rating is limited, you may also be deprived of payment by invoice. Many traders only make this payment method available to existing customers due to the risk of loss. If the payment on account generally offered, usually takes place a credit check – often in real time. If your credit rating is not very positive, you probably can not pay by invoice.

The question of security – what security standards are there?
laptop security

You are one of those who always pay cash in retail for security reasons? Then the security for you certainly plays a major role in payments on the Internet. However, there is no clear answer to the question of which method of payment is the safest. Too varied and too different are the options on the Internet. In general, you can assume that the security is generally guaranteed for most means of payment. For extra security, however, you should use selected payment methods to avoid risk.

Credit card and PayPal stand out on the subject of security. This is partly because the transaction is usually double-protected. On the other hand, PayPal and most credit card companies offer a kind of buyer protection. At PayPal, this feature is specifically advertised. The payment service provider will always respond if your order is not delivered or delivered incorrectly and refunds the purchase amount. You can put similar security on most credit cards. Thanks to the “Chargeback” function, you can reclaim money up to three months after purchase, depending on the credit card. However, it is necessary for a detailed explanation of the facts.

what is the best payment method online

PayPal, credit card, bill, Amazon Payments and and and – means of payment exist on the internet many. But do you really pay fast and safely online?

It is difficult to say which means of payment are the best. This is also because it depends entirely on your taste. If you’re looking for an ideal combination of quick, easy and straightforward, there’s no getting around PayPal and your credit card. Especially with the advance of paying by smartphone, the credit card and PayPal are becoming more and more convenient. In addition, both means of payment promise additional security.

The question of where to pay with your smartphone is also becoming more and more important to you. Therefore, in this guide text we would like to introduce you which payment methods you can ideally use with your smartphone. In particular, modern payment methods are increasingly coming to the fore. This applies to payment in retail as well as in online trading. Paying by smartphone is on the rise, especially in the online sector. Whether on the go with a smartphone or on the couch with a tablet – mobile payments are becoming an increasingly important factor in online trading.

Ideally, you should opt for modern payment methods so that you are well prepared. Especially PayPal proves to be an ideal combination of payment on the computer and on the smartphone. A credit card promises you even more flexibility if you want to pay both online and offline with your mobile phone. However, this requires the secure storage of your credit card information in a so-called wallet. Interesting is therefore also the combination of PayPal and credit card. You can deposit your credit card in your PayPal account and get the most out of both worlds.

Less relevant for mobile payment are classic payment methods such as payment in advance or payment by invoice. Although you can easily order from the smartphone on the bill, you will have to do the payment manually and therefore time-consuming at the end. Technologies for faster payment of an invoice (such as a scan with a smartphone), unfortunately, spread slowly. The payment by direct debit from the mobile phone is a bit easier. Nevertheless, PayPal and the credit card are undoubtedly the best solutions when it comes to paying by smartphone on the Internet.

How to accept online payments for free

When a customer goes shopping at a regular store, everything is simple: he chooses a product, brings it to the cashier, gives the seller money or a card, gets a check. Sales! With online shopping, the principle is the same, but more options. If you do not want to lose customers at the payment stage, suggest several payment methods for each customer to choose the most suitable one.

We tell you what payment methods are available, what is their convenience for you and customers, and how to set up different payment methods in the store.

Bank card
How does it work
Payment by card on the Internet is similar to payment by card in a regular store. Here’s how it happens:

The buyer chooses payment by card. The store sends it to the page of the payment system and transfers the order amount to it.
The buyer drives in the card number, name and CVV (special security code on the back of the card).
He clicks “Pay”, the money is debited from the card, the buyer automatically returns to the store page, and the payment system informs the store: “Ok, payment accepted.” Money comes to your account on the same day.
Almost everyone has bank cards. Scholarships, salaries, pensions are transferred to the card.
The buyer pays without getting up from the chair.
Money comes immediately.
Some people are still afraid to make an advance payment: what if they give the money, but they don’t receive the goods. Therefore, they pay by card only in stores that they trust.
You need to pay for payment processing – payment systems charge a percentage of each order.
If the goods were not in stock, the money will have to be returned.
How to set up in the Ecvid Store
To start accepting payments from bank cards, you need to take two steps:

Register with the payment system
With some companies need to enter into an agreement, with others – just register on the site. Some work only with IE and LLC, others – with ordinary citizens. Rules and rates are constantly changing. To find out exactly, go to the website of the payment system and see the conditions.
Connect the system to the store.
In order for the store and the payment system to start communicating, they need to be friends.
More than 50 payment systems are connected to Equidu. 16 of them work in Russia. The links – detailed instructions.

Intellect Mani
RFI Bank
Wallet One Single checkout
Tinkoff Payment
To activate any of these payment methods, in the Ecwid control panel, go to the Payment page and click the “Select Payment System” button. You will see a list of all possible ways that you can connect to the Ecwid store.

Connecting payment methods in the Ecwid Store

Everyone has cards.
Card pay if they trust the seller.
For the processing of payments will have to pay.
If you sell in Russia and abroad, payment by card is mast hev.

How does it work
You can pay in cash not only in shops, cafes and garages, but also in online stores. The mechanism is simple:

The buyer chooses a cash payment and places an order.
Cash payment is possible upon delivery by courier. You (or the courier service) contact the customer and make an appointment.
Meet, take the money, give the goods.
Another option is pickup. The client takes the goods from you from the warehouse, pays immediately. The same, if you expose the goods at fairs or open a temporary store .

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Paying cash is psychologically easier. The buyer does not risk anything and willingly places an order.
If you meet with the buyers themselves – save on handling payments (do not pay a commission to the courier service).
Money comes quickly. They gave the order – received payment.
By law, 54-FZ needs a cash desk of a new sample or a POS terminal that can work with the product accounting system. The issuance of a paper check is required, an electronic check is sent only at the request of the buyer by e-mail or phone number.
You should always have cash with you if you need a change.
You can do without a cash register, if you assign delivery and acceptance of payments to the courier service. The courier will deliver the purchase, receive the money and clear the check. The courier service will transfer the money to your account, leaving a commission for processing the payment.

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How to set up in the Ecvid Store
To set up a cash payment, you do not need to register anywhere. Complete 4 steps:

Go to the Ecwid control panel → Payment .
In the item “Offline payment methods” select from the “Cash on receipt” list and click the “+ Add offline payment method” button.
Add offline payment in the Ecwid Store

You can rename the new method, add a note or instruct

How online payment processing works

Online payment – the ability to pay for goods or services on the Internet or through a mobile application without using banknotes. Usually carried out directly on the site or in the mobile application of the seller.

As a rule, the online payment algorithm looks like this:

The buyer chooses a product or service.
Seller summarizes purchases and invoices.
The buyer agrees to pay the bill and confirms this by entering bank or other payment details.
The bank or payment provider confirms the identity of the buyer and the availability of funds in the account to pay for the purchase.
The seller confirms the purchase, and the bank or payment provider transfers the funds to the seller’s account.
What types of online payments are available?
Internet acquiring
This is the most popular way to make online payments. It is a transfer of funds from the buyer’s bank card to the seller’s account with the participation of the bank and the processing company. The processing company provides an interface for making purchases online and performs the process of debiting or crediting of money. It may belong to a bank or be an independent entity.

Payment information is confirmed using 3D-Secure security technology, which allows you to authenticate the buyer, for example, by sending SMS to your phone.

Electronic Wallets
Require a wallet from the seller and the buyer for the transfer of electronic money. For example, these are Yandex.Money, QIWI and WebMoney. Companies provide plug-ins to merchant sites for easy settlement.

WebMoney charges a fee of 1.8 to 5.75% for each payment, and for $ 5 offers to create a button or widget that can be placed on the site. You can find out the commission for QIWI only upon signing the contract. When making a transfer in the Yandex.Money service, the sender is charged a fee of 0.5% of the payment amount, but not less than 1 penny. Payment data is transmitted using SSL or TLS cryptographic protocols.

SMS payment
This is a debit from a mobile phone account for purchases or services. For example, pay for content in games. Suitable for business, where a lot of payments with a small check.

This method is used quite rarely due to the high cost and small amounts on mobile user accounts. The commission of the SMS aggregator, depending on the category of payment and the operator, ranges from 14 to 27%.

Payment through Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay
These mobile payment systems use card payment data tokenization. The smartphone contains a token, which is access to the data of the card of the buyer, from which the funds are debited. You can confirm the purchase using Touch ID, Face ID or password.

Online payment using terminals
It implies independent interaction of the client with the terminal. The QIWI, Svyaznoy, or Euroset payment terminals are suitable for this. The seller must first conclude an agreement with the operator of the terminal, which connects the payment for business services.

how to process online payments

Creating a website for your business is a great marketing tool. In this way, you can inform people about what’s going on in your business and inform current and potential customers about new products and special offers that you offer. However, adding an e-commerce aspect to your website takes your site to another level and shows the world that you’re ready for the big day. Online payment processing is an important aspect of setting up e-commerce on your website. Configuring our payment page is your first step in creating a new client that can generate a revenue boost.

People like to buy things online. It’s an unprecedented benefit if you can order a product from the comfort of your own home and focus on your daily activities until it comes straight to your home. The more online offers you offer, the more people are likely to buy multiple items to achieve the quota or other wholesale incentives that they receive for free shipping. If you make good use of your cards, e-commerce can expand your business in a way you could not imagine. Because you use online payment processing, redeeming your payment is easier than ever.

First, however, you need to make sure your business is ready to start an e-commerce business. First, make sure you have a bank account in good condition. If your business is too small to justify the opening of a merchant account, you can rely on independent distributors specializing in small business merchant services.

Once your bank account is ready, it’s time to select an online payment processor to help you set up your company’s e-commerce site. But make sure you understand your needs. There are online payment processors that help small businesses connect, and others that focus more on established businesses. If you want to choose the right company, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the current situation of your company and your goals for the future. With that in mind, you have a better chance of choosing the right online payment processing company right from the start.

How to accept payment online

You need to have knowledge on how to accept payment online for your website. If you choose to combine products, you probably want to know how to pay for purchases by credit card, debit card or by phone. There are many ways to do this, and you will want to learn about them all so that your company is more attractive.

Customers expect many payment options after switching online, so you should consider accepting all major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Card. You will find that when you start accepting this form of payment, you will significantly increase the amount of profit you receive each year.

You can set up a virtual terminal on your website, so when your customers are ready to place an order and purchase their goods, they can do it in a simple and simple way. Providing customers with the opportunity to pay for products sold is absolutely necessary. You must ensure that you have set up the virtual terminal so that customers can easily use and pay. If you have an old billing system for your site, you probably want to think about paying for your company that will help you. They will be able to help you create a new, more efficient way to shop and pay for using your customers.

Customers will even be able to call their purchases by phone by entering the number on their credit card. Because people can do it from anywhere in the world, it makes the profit potential for you even better. You can choose from a lot of great e-commerce options, which more and more people are already using now, especially with the increasing number of people buying on the Internet. It is very important that you have a simple and effective way to pay for the products you sell, no matter what they are. They must be able to understand how to add the products they want to buy and then buy them at the end of the process.

Know About Online Bill Payment

Almost all banks now offer their clients the services that allow them to make online payments. Many people have opted for online payments, while others remain ambiguous. In this article, I will share 5 things you should know about paying bills online so that all your questions about this problem can be resolved.

  1. Online payment methods.

First, consider online bill payment methods. To make an online bill payment, the user can take two routes. You can also use the help of the online bill payment option or the direct payment option. In the online bill payment option, you must register on the website; After that, the website offers you the opportunity to pay your bills for different services. The other option is the direct bill payment in which you pay the bill for a service using the functions provided by your bank.

  1. Record keeping easier

Keeping track of your previous invoices can be a tedious task. However, the task of keeping track will be much easier if you start using online payment. For example, when you use the services of the Bill Pay Agent, you will receive a monthly payment receipt in your email. You can surely recover your invoice at any time. The easy management of invoices can facilitate the payment of debts.

  1. Secure payment

Your online bill payments, either to the payment agent or to another person, are highly secure. The high level of online payment security comes from end-to-end encryption. This form of encryption prevents intruders from accessing the connection. This security mechanism is the main reason that has helped create a climate of trust among the general public. Thanks to this trust, several different payment agents have started their service. Electricity bills can be paid to retailers who use these services.

  1. Save time and money.

A person can save a lot of time using the online payment option. If you use bill payment online, you do not have to pay your bills anywhere. This ability to pay from anywhere can reduce the costs of transportation, waiting, shipping and / or fuel for you and / or your organization. This is one of the reasons why paying electricity bills at retailers is becoming popular.

  1. Greater control

With the payment of bills online, you have full control over the payment of your bill. You can decide how much you want to pay.

All about online bill payment

All about online bill payment

What is online bill payment? Online bill payment is the payment function for mobile electronic invoices and banks that allow customers or even financial institutions to send funds from their credit card account to a vendor.
Paying bills online is an entirely appropriate payment method and provides you with an adequate amount of time and money. The most significant benefit of paying bills online is that you can organize your payments and you will not lose the rotation over time and, therefore, avoid surcharges and surcharges. Today everything is done by technology; paying bills online is not only appropriate but also inevitable. If you are technically sophisticated, you should use this option to pay utility bills such as telephone bills, Internet bills, gas bills, electricity bills and even fees from colleges and universities. Here are the points to assist you organize your online billing payments.

Create a spreadsheet with your login information

If you want to organize your invoice payment process online, the first step in this process is to save all the login information and the necessary confidentiality information in a Word document or spreadsheet. You can classify this document by creating headings such as a type of invoice, due date and interest. That will be very useful for you since you will not have to search here and there when you want to log in and make payments.

Register on the websites where you need to pay

Each of the invoices you pay will require you to log in to a specific website and ask you to provide a username and password. The first thing you should do is visit each website once and register. It will create a user ID and ask you to choose a password. Keep these credentials in your spreadsheet where you store all the information on your computer.

Select a problematic password that can not be easily deciphered

Paying bills online is a convenience for most of us. At the same time, it is also a process in which we are exposed to threats and irregularities. To maintain the security of your bank information and login credentials, select the password and the security question that is difficult to decipher. Also, never share your password with anyone, no matter how close you are to them. Avoid choosing your password that is easy to guess.

In summary, if you use the facilities offered by the technology with a more secure approach, this will become a blessing for you. You may save energy and time. Everything you need to make sure you correctly organize the payment of your bill online.